TrumpCoin – Crypto currency with a political aftertaste

The TrumpCoin was originally created to support the presidential campaign Donald Trumps. According to his motto “Make America Great Again”, the TrumpCoin crypto currency is to be used to support projects and companies. But he has been president for some time now, is it worth buying this coin? And does the forecast depend on the president’s success?

TrumpCoin – What is this Bitcoin revolution?

The crypto currency is based on the Bitcoin revolution and performs a similar function. It is to be used as a digital means of payment for transactions. However, the Trump/Coin is not technically identical to the Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, the Trump Coin uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Proof-of-work consumes a great deal of computing power and power in order to be able to carry out any transactions at all.

The Proof-of-Stake algorithm reduces power consumption, this method also makes it possible for the TrumpCoin to buy and earn its own: With the Proof-of-Stake you freeze some coins on your own TrumpCoin Wallet and help to verify transactions. As a reward you have the chance to earn some coins yourself. This is 2% of the frozen amount per year.

During the development, value is placed on a stable crypto currency, the inflation is only 2% per year. Maximum there should be only 12 million Trump / Coins.

The generation of new blocks should take place with the Bitcoin profit

Thus the crypto currency is faster than the Bitcoin profit, transactions should be able to be carried out within a few minutes. Furthermore, the fees for a transaction should be converted into a few cents. At the beginning of the development 6 million Trump/Coins were generated by the Bitcoin profit team, whereby 2 million of it were used for the financing of the presidency campaign of Donald Trump.

Since then, fans of the crypto currency have been encouraged to use the coin to finance new projects, in keeping with the president’s campaign slogan. These include, for example, rebuilding American infrastructure, helping the homeless and the poor, and securing America’s external borders.