Basic Attention Token – What is this token?

The Basic Attention Token wants to personalize and revolutionize advertising on the Internet. The Internet user should only see the advertisement he wants to see.

In addition, it should make the costs fairer for advertisers. The token also offers secure surfing via the user’s own browser. The Basic Attention Token prognosis could provide information on whether the concept will be successful or not.

Basic Attention Token – What is this crypto currency for the Bitcoin trader?

The Basic Attention Token crypto currency serves as a reward for the Bitcoin trader of the “Brave Browser”. This is an open-souce web browser with an automatically integrated adblocker like this The Basic Attention Token is to become the new token for the advertising industry. During development, the blockchain will be combined with the Smart Contracts from Ethereum and integrated into Brave Browser. The BAT, as the token is also abbreviated, is exchanged between developers, advertisers and users.

Users of the browser decide for themselves which advertisements they want to see. They can use the browser to completely switch off any advertising. This does not only have something to do with annoying ads. Advertising usually also uses various tracking methods, which store user data. The use of the Brave Browser therefore also serves your own security and privacy. Users should also save bandwidth, because advertising devours a lot of it. If the users decide to see ads, they receive a few tokens which they can save on the wallet. They should be able to use these for premium content or services on the Brave platform.

Basic Attention Token – Who is behind the Ethereum code?

The advantage for advertisers is that their Ethereum code reaches exactly the right target group. This is because users can decide for themselves what type of advertising they want to see. Otherwise the advertisers are dependent on middlemen, which are to bring the announcements to the correct Ethereum code places and customers and proceed thereby possibly badly or even cheating, by suggesting with Bots the advertisers a larger range of the announcements, than these actually have. The advertisers could save immense costs thereby. The developers of the BAT token also benefit from the web browser because they earn a large part of the advertising revenue. However, they still promise that their service will be fairer, cheaper and more effective than that of other ad platforms.

BAT Token development is not yet complete. Future improvements to the browser will include additional features to protect users against fraud and dashboard analysis for advertisers. In the future, it should be possible for advertisers to correctly assess the reach of advertisements.

There are no unknowns behind the Basic Attention Token development. Founder Brendan Eich once developed JavaScript and was involved in the founding of Mozilla and Firefox. The co-founder of the BAT token is Brian Bondy. He previously worked at Khan Academy, Mozilla and Evernote. Yhan Zhu is responsible for the security and privacy of the browser. She previously worked at Yahoo, TOR, HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger. Consultants include Ankur Nandwani and Zooko Wilcox. Ankur Nandwani previously worked for Coinbase, Lookout and Qualcomm and Zooko Wilcox works for Zcash. So the team was also able to gather some crypto currency experts around them.

The token development was financed by an initial coin offering. At that time the token set a new record: Within 24 seconds, 1.5 billion tokens worth 36 million dollars were sold. Going there, the forecast doesn’t look so bad at all, even if the price then behaved quite normally.

TrumpCoin – Crypto currency with a political aftertaste

The TrumpCoin was originally created to support the presidential campaign Donald Trumps. According to his motto “Make America Great Again”, the TrumpCoin crypto currency is to be used to support projects and companies. But he has been president for some time now, is it worth buying this coin? And does the forecast depend on the president’s success?

TrumpCoin – What is this Bitcoin revolution?

The crypto currency is based on the Bitcoin revolution and performs a similar function. It is to be used as a digital means of payment for transactions. However, the Trump/Coin is not technically identical to the Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, the Trump Coin uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Proof-of-work consumes a great deal of computing power and power in order to be able to carry out any transactions at all.

The Proof-of-Stake algorithm reduces power consumption, this method also makes it possible for the TrumpCoin to buy and earn its own: With the Proof-of-Stake you freeze some coins on your own TrumpCoin Wallet and help to verify transactions. As a reward you have the chance to earn some coins yourself. This is 2% of the frozen amount per year.

During the development, value is placed on a stable crypto currency, the inflation is only 2% per year. Maximum there should be only 12 million Trump / Coins.

The generation of new blocks should take place with the Bitcoin profit

Thus the crypto currency is faster than the Bitcoin profit, transactions should be able to be carried out within a few minutes. Furthermore, the fees for a transaction should be converted into a few cents. At the beginning of the development 6 million Trump/Coins were generated by the Bitcoin profit team, whereby 2 million of it were used for the financing of the presidency campaign of Donald Trump.

Since then, fans of the crypto currency have been encouraged to use the coin to finance new projects, in keeping with the president’s campaign slogan. These include, for example, rebuilding American infrastructure, helping the homeless and the poor, and securing America’s external borders.

QASH Token – Who is behind the crypto currency?

QUOINE was founded in 2014 by Mike Kayamori (CEO) and Mario Gomez Lozada (CTO). Kayamori previously served as Senior Vice President of SoftBank Group and was the Chief Investment Officer of Gungho Asia. Lozada was CTO of Merrill Lynch in Japan for 11 years, after which he became Information Manager at Credit Suisse Japan. The team also includes other financial specialists, often with an Asian background, as well as other software developers who take care of the technical side of token development. QUOINE is the first crypto currency company to be officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency. The developers already maintain the exchange platforms QUOINEX and QRYPTOS, which are integrated into the network of the QASH token.

QASH Token Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the project took shape as early as 2014, further milestones have yet to be reached on the way to the finished platform. For example, the developers still have to negotiate with the exchange exchanges to make it possible to process the transactions via QUOINE. Will they have any interest in it at all? The team is optimistic and emphasizes that it is already connected to various online trading centers. The Korean swap exchange Binance is trying something similar by concentrating on small and rather unknown old coins. There is certainly no lack of competition. Gemini and Coinbase specialize in the purchase of crypto currencies with fiat money. Bancor’s blockchain can be used to freely convert ERC20 tokens (including the QASH crypto currency) and could become a serious threat.

A legitimate question is what incentive the developers want to provide to buy the QASH token. The crypto currency has only limited functions. On the page the developers describe how the crypto currency becomes the preferred coin for financial services, similar to Bitcoin. How they imagine this remains unclear. Later, the token is to become a general means of payment. An own QASH Wallet does not exist yet. Nevertheless, the course has not developed badly so far. Probably one must still give some time to the development and the team. The idea has its advantages and the team looks professional and already has a background in the field of trading crypto currencies.

QASH Token Course – Development – Forecast

The QASH crypto currency started with a value of 50 cents in late November 2017 on the stock markets. At the end of the month, the QASH token price rose to over 1 euro per coin and then fell to 50 cents in the first few days of December. For a short time, the value of the token reached 1 euro again in the middle of the month. Until the end of the year, the price remained at around 70 cents.

January 2018 was a particularly successful month for the crypto currency. For several days, the exchange rate reached around 2 euros per coin. Towards the end of the month, the price sank again to 1 euro, in February even lower to below 1 euro.

With such a young crypto currency, it is difficult to make an exact forecast. The token development has been running since 2014, but it is not yet possible to say how the token will behave on the stock markets. Until the platform is officially finished, the price will probably behave like most crypto currencies, lose value and gain value again.

Create QASH Wallet
There is no own QASH wallet yet. Instead one can fall back on wallets which can store ERC20 tokens. The MyEtherWallet is recommended in this respect. On the MyEtherWallet page you first have to enter a new password and then click on “Create New Wallet”. You will get a keystore file and a private key, which you have to keep. You also get the address of the wallet. You have to send a small amount of ether to this address to unlock the MyEtherWallet.